The 15 most inspiring quotes from #RealBizWine webinars series.

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I was waiting  for the end of The Real Business of Wine webinar series to write this post, but it doesn’t look like Polly Hammond and Robert Joseph have any intention to quit soon (thanking God).

Therefore here below you find the quotes that for me were most inspiring so far (note: I missed Friday webinar on influencers, looking forward to watch it on YouTube).

The idea was to collect the top 10, then I moved to the top 15 and even so I was forced to exclude some good ones. That’s why here you actually find 16.

Which is your favorite? Do you have other more inspiring? Please leave your comments. I see you on the next webinars (to register go to

  1. Wine is not made in the vineyard, is made in the brain.
  2. People like to talk dry and drink sweet.
  3. You get what you pull out.
  4. If you talk about techniques all the wines look alike.
  5. Consumers are not stupid! Never underestimate your consumers.
  6. Leading brands have the responsibility to show the way to the whole industry.
  7. A luxury brand must be inspiring.
  8. Don’t look at other wineries, be yourself and be universal.
  9. There is no point to have a business model if your business is gone.
  10. Relax with wine, don’t be afraid about wine.
  11. Writing about wines means to be in the entertainment business.
  12. One of the keys is to convince people to spend more money for a bottle of wine as they spend 3 pounds for a bad coffee in Starbucks.
  13. Wine as feelings rather than varieties.
  14. Wine by style rather than by geographical origin.
  15. Tertiary flavours are not understood by many consumers. No! Is the other way around: there are not many producers making wines looking for long ageing.
  16. There is people out there talking about your winery and wines and you are not even listening.

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